Zayo is a provider of fiber and transport services. Its services include dark fiber, wavelengths, Ethernet, IP transit, and other data center and cloud connectivity solutions. The company operates in over 40 markets across the United States and Europe.

Zayo’s extensive fiber network enables it to offer high-bandwidth connectivity solutions for its customers. Its dark fiber products provide customers with the ability to scale their bandwidth as needed without having to pay for capacity that they do not use. Wavelengths are another solution offered by Zayo that provide high-speed connectivity between two locations on its network.

Ethernet is one of the most popular products offered by Zayo due to its flexibility and scalability. IP Transit provides customers with access to the Internet via Zayo’s global network of data centers connected directly to major Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Other data center and cloud connectivity solutions offered by Zayo include private line service, public peering, managed security services, storage networking,and colocation facilities.

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