Nationwide Coverage and High-Speed Options

WiLine offers two main service tiers:

  1. 100Mbps Dedicated Internet: Available nationwide, providing consistent and reliable high-speed internet to businesses across the country.
  2. 10Gbps Dedicated Internet: Available in select regions, delivering ultra-high-speed internet for businesses with significant data demands.

Benefits for Partners and Clients

Nationwide Fixed Wireless Internet Service:

  • WiLine’s fixed wireless internet service ensures extensive coverage and robust connectivity across the United States.
  • This service is ideal for locations where traditional wired connections may be impractical or unavailable.

Symmetrical and Guaranteed Service

Service Level Agreement (SLA):

  • All WiLine internet solutions are symmetrical, meaning upload and download speeds are identical, ensuring efficient and reliable performance.
  • Each service is backed by a comprehensive SLA, guaranteeing uptime and service quality.

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