A Quick Brief on the History of the Telephone

The phone has been one modern convenience that has brought people together from across town and the world. The invention of the current telephone has been the jumping-off point for many other modern technologies. There is a lot of debate regarding who rightly deserves the credit for inventing and developing the first phone.

The First Phones
The history of the telephone dates back to the eighteenth century. Alexander Graham Bell is accredited for developing the very first telephone, but there were many other designs before Alexander Graham Bell got the first patent back in 1876. Antonio Meucci developed devices similar to Bell’s invention roughly twenty years before Bell received a patent for his machine. Johann Phillip Reis developed devices called make-and-break telephones called Reis’ telephones. The very first telephone office was located in New York City. It dates back to 1878. The phone has undergone a lot of changes over the years. Crank telephones were among some of the first telephones residents had in their homes. As the turn of the nineteenth century came, many folks owned a phone with three essential components. America quickly became the nation with the most telephone users.

The History of Telephone Service
The first sentence ever spoken over the phone was Alexander Graham Bell saying, “Mr. Watson, come here! I want to see you.” Thomas Edison developed a transmitter that improved the invention of the phone. The first long-distance call in the history of the phone was made in 1877. The call was placed from Alexander Graham Bell in New York to his San Francisco, California assistant.

The Changing Design of the Phone
The design of the telephone has dramatically changed over the years. Rotary phones turned into wall phones, and wall phones turned into cordless telephones. Later came the invention of the cell phone. The telephone has changed the way that people communicate. While circuit boards, phone designs, and phone service has greatly differed and changed over the years, folks are still widely using this long-ago-created invention. Service areas and the quality of service have greatly improved over the year. Unfortunately, the telephone price is another thing that has increased as the years have passed.