// URL of the RSS feed
$rssFeedUrl = '';

// Load the RSS feed
$rss = simplexml_load_file($rssFeedUrl);

// Check if the feed was loaded successfully
if ($rss) {
    // Retrieve and display the feed information
    echo "Title: " . $rss->channel->title . "<br>";
    echo "Description: " . $rss->channel->description . "<br><br>";

    // Iterate over the feed items
    foreach ($rss->channel->item as $item) {
        // Retrieve and display the item details
        echo "Title: " . $item->title . "<br>";
        echo "Link: " . $item->link . "<br>";
        echo "Description: " . $item->description . "<br><br>";
} else {
    // Display an error message if the feed couldn't be loaded
    echo "Failed to load the RSS feed.";

In the example, we retrieve and display the title and description of the RSS feed itself ($rss->channel->title and $rss->channel->description) as well as the title, link, and description of each individual item in the feed.

If there’s an error loading the feed, we display a simple error message.

Below is where the script is working.