Kbps is an Acronym for Kilobits per second

By November 19, 2022K, kb, Kbps

Kbps is an acronym for Kilobits per second, and is a measure of data transfer speed. It is commonly used to describe the speed of an internet connection. Kbps is also sometimes used to describe the speed of other types of connections, such as those between computers and printers.

The term “Kbps” is short for “kilobits per second.” Kilobits are units of digital information with 1,000 bits in a kilobit (Kb). Therefore, 1 kilobit (1 Kb) equals 1,000 bits. In contrast, megabytes refer to larger units of measurement with one million bytes in a megabyte (MB). Megabits are often abbreviated as Mbps—a lowercase “b” represents bits while an uppercase “B” denotes bytes. For example, 8 Mbps would be eight million bits per second or 8 Mb/s.

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