AutoSSL is a new technology that has revolutionized how we secure websites and web applications. It provides automated certificate management for all domains, allowing you to quickly and easily manage SSL certificates without having to configure them or keep them up-to-date manually. This makes it easier than ever before to ensure that your website is always protected with the latest security protocols while also reducing time spent on manual configuration tasks.

AutoSSL automatically generates an SSL certificate for each domain name registered in cPanel & WHM (or another compatible control panel). The certificates are generated using a (CA) like Let’s Encrypt, a free Certificate Authority (CA) providing digital certificates at no cost. Once AutoSSL generates the necessary files needed to install an SSL certificate on a domain name, it will then install those files onto the server automatically – making sure everything stays up-to-date and secure without any manual intervention from you!

With AutoSSL taking care of all aspects of managing digital certificates – including generation, installation, and renewal – there’s no need for manual maintenance or updating anymore! This means less time wasted worrying about whether your site remains secured against malicious attacks and fewer headaches when dealing with expiring certs or renewals due dates coming soon. Plus, since Let’s Encrypt offers free service, there are absolutely zero costs associated with this feature!

Overall, AutoSSL ensures fast, reliable protection against cyber threats while saving valuable resources for both money and time. So if you’re looking into securing your website but don’t want to spend too much effort maintaining its security features – then consider giving AutoSSL a try today!