The Future of Community

Communities have been the backbone of human societies for millennia. While the essence of a community remains – people coming together based on shared interests, values, or locales – the ways in which communities form, interact, and influence are undergoing transformations. Here’s a speculative vision of the future of community: 1. Digital Communities: 2. Hyperlocal… Read More

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The word “society” is derived from the Latin word “socius” which means companionship or association. A society is a group of people who interact with each other through various social institutions such as family, education, religion, economy, and government. The main purpose of any society is to provide its members with security and stability. A… Read More

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Technology Overview

Technology refers to the application of scientific knowledge and methods to design, create, and use tools, machines, materials, and processes to solve problems or achieve certain objectives. Over the decades, it has played a central role in shaping societies, economies, and individual lives. 1. Branches of Technology: 2. Impacts of Technology: 3. Current Technological Trends:… Read More

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