Qualcomm is a leading American technology company that designs, manufactures and markets digital wireless telecommunications products. Founded in 1985, Qualcomm has become one of the world’s most successful semiconductor companies with its innovative mobile technologies. The company specializes in providing advanced mobile communication solutions for both consumers and businesses alike.

Qualcomm’s core business focuses on developing cutting-edge wireless communications systems such as 3G/4G cellular networks, Wi-Fi hotspots and Bluetooth devices that are used to connect people around the world via their smartphones or tablets.

Additionally, they also provide services related to streaming media content over these networks as well as other cloud computing services like data storage and software applications development platforms for developers to create new apps or games quickly without having to write code from scratch each time they need an update or feature added into their existing app portfolio.

The success of Qualcomm lies in its ability innovate rapidly while still maintaining high levels of quality assurance throughout all stages of product design & development process which allows them remain competitive within ever changing technological landscape where consumer demand can be unpredictable at times due it being heavily influenced by social trends & culture shifts across different countries worldwide.

Its commitment towards research & development activities have allowed them stay ahead competitors when it comes introducing new features into their products before anyone else does so which helps keep customers happy satisfied with what they have offer compared rivals who may not always deliver same level innovation excellence consistently every time release something market place.