Omega Router

Say hello to seamless internet connectivity that redefines speed, reach, and versatility. The Always ON SIM Router LTE CPE-0001 is an advanced multi-functional 4G wireless router tailored to meet the unique demands of both home and office settings. Designed to work seamlessly with both physical SIM cards and Virtual SIM technology, this innovative router ensures you’re always connected, no matter where you are.

Unmatched Performance

Embrace lightning-fast speeds with the Always ON SIM Router LTE CPE-0001. Harnessing the power of 4G LTE, and supporting both Cat 7 & Cat 13 bands, this router lets you enjoy top-tier internet speeds without any compromise. Dual-band capability further ensures optimal performance, allowing you to switch between the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands based on your needs.

Broad Connectivity

This powerful router is designed to handle the demands of multiple users simultaneously. With the capability to connect up to 32 devices at once, it’s the perfect choice for busy households or bustling offices. Moreover, its five Ethernet ports allow for secure, hardwired connections when needed, extending its versatility.

Innovative Antenna Design

The Always ON SIM Router LTE CPE-0001 stands out with its unique antenna design. Boasting two external LTE antennas, it can connect to cellular data from considerable distances, ensuring you’re never out of touch. Further, its four external Wi-Fi antennas ensure the broadcast of a consistently robust, fast, and reliable internet connection, covering every corner of your home or office.

The Future of SIM Connectivity

Not only is this router compatible with physical SIM cards, but it also supports Virtual SIM technology. This advanced feature lets you stay connected to the best available network without the need for manual configuration or physical SIM card changes.

Embrace the Future with Always ON SIM Router LTE CPE-0001

It’s time to say goodbye to slow internet speeds, limited device connections, and restricted coverage. The Always ON SIM Router LTE CPE-0001 brings you a connectivity experience like never before. Unleash the power of versatile, fast, and reliable internet connectivity today. Experience the Always ON difference.