Bar magnets should be stored to minimize the risk of them becoming demagnetized.

When storing bar magnets, avoiding exposing them to strong magnetic fields, high temperatures, or physical shocks is essential. These factors can cause the magnet to lose its magnetism or become demagnetized.

One way to store bar magnets is to place them in pairs with opposite poles facing each other. This can help to cancel out any external magnetic fields and reduce the risk of demagnetization.

Another way to store bar magnets is to keep them in a non-magnetic container, such as a wooden box or plastic bag, to protect them from external magnetic fields.

It is also important to avoid dropping or hitting the magnet, as this can cause it to lose its magnetism. Finally, it is a good idea to keep bar magnets away from electronic devices, such as computers or credit cards, as they can interfere with the operation of these devices.

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