The definition of the number 8 is a numerical representation that symbolizes balance, abundance, and prosperity. It has been used in many cultures throughout history to represent these ideals due to its symmetrical shape and even distribution of lines. In ancient Chinese culture, the number 8 was thought to bring luck and fortune; it is often seen on charms or talismans given as gifts for good luck. Similarly, in Hindu mythology it was believed that when someone prayed with eight petals they received special blessings from Lord Ganesha – another example of how this powerful digit can be linked with positive outcomes.

In modern times we see the number 8 being represented across all aspects of life – from sports teams wearing jerseys numbered 88 to buildings having an eighth floor (which some believe brings extra protection). The ‘infinity’ symbol which looks like a sideways figure eight also reflects our never-ending search for knowledge and understanding; while two circles overlapping each other creates a perfect union between two equal partners – something known as ‘the power couple’!

Overall there are so many ways in which we use this single digit today but no matter what context you look at it through one thing remains true: its ability to evoke feelings associated with harmony, completeness & success! From religious ceremonies & rituals through business deals & partnerships – wherever you turn there will always be an underlying message about how important balance truly is within any situation or relationship…and what better way than using the magical properties found within such an iconic numeral?