Executive Summary

SolveForce, a reputable solution provider for telecom and technology services, has expanded its business portfolio to offer Zayo Group’s top-tier solutions. Zayo Group, a global leader in communications infrastructure services, enables organizations to harness the power of high-performance connectivity, robust network solutions, and unparalleled data capabilities. This collaboration offers the promise of an enhanced digital transformation journey for SolveForce’s customer base.

Introduction to Zayo Group

Zayo Group is a leading provider of bandwidth infrastructure services, including dark fiber, wavelengths, SONET, Ethernet, IP services, and carrier-neutral colocation and interconnection. Their global network spans 133,000 route miles in North America and Europe, offering comprehensive connectivity solutions to organizations across various sectors.

The Collaboration: SolveForce and Zayo Group

SolveForce, through this strategic alliance with Zayo, is positioned to bridge the connectivity and digital infrastructure gap for businesses seeking comprehensive, reliable, and scalable solutions. By integrating Zayo’s services into SolveForce’s portfolio, clients will benefit from an extensive suite of services, from high-speed broadband to advanced data center solutions.

Services Offered Through SolveForce

1. High-Speed Bandwidth Connectivity

Zayo’s high-speed fiber-based network provides a robust bandwidth solution for businesses requiring high-capacity data transfer. This includes dedicated internet access, Ethernet, dark fiber, and wavelength services. Businesses can harness this power for operations ranging from cloud computing to high-volume data transfers.

2. Colocation and Interconnection

Zayo’s carrier-neutral colocation and interconnection services offer businesses the opportunity to house their data infrastructure within secure, state-of-the-art data centers. These data centers provide essential security, cooling, and power requirements, allowing businesses to focus on core operations without the worry of data management.

3. Cloud Infrastructure and IaaS

Leveraging Zayo’s cloud infrastructure and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), businesses can access scalable, secure, and customizable cloud solutions. These services include private, public, and hybrid cloud options, as well as managed services for comprehensive IT management.

4. Dark Fiber

Dark Fiber services provide businesses with a dedicated, private network, offering maximum security and scalability. This enables companies to build and manage their own networks, providing a high degree of control and flexibility over their data traffic.

5. SD-WAN and MPLS Networking

Zayo’s SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) and MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) services offer businesses the tools to build robust and versatile networks. These services are ideal for organizations that require flexible, secure, and reliable wide area network solutions.


Incorporating Zayo’s services into SolveForce’s portfolio strengthens the latter’s position as a one-stop-shop for businesses seeking integrated, reliable, and scalable connectivity and infrastructure solutions. Through this alliance, SolveForce can further its mission to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions that drive growth and efficiency for its clients. It is an exciting era for the SolveForce-Zayo partnership, with plenty of innovative potential to transform the digital landscape for businesses across all sectors.