Accelerate Efficiency, Enhance Customer Interactions, and Unlock Innovation with Univerge Blue’s Advanced Cloud Computing Solutions for Automation Industry

SolveForce, in collaboration with NEC, presents Univerge Blue, an advanced cloud computing solution specifically designed for the automation industry. Univerge Blue offers two feature packages: Engage Advanced and Engage Complete, providing businesses with a range of capabilities to enhance their automation processes and customer interactions.

  1. Interface:
    Univerge Blue can be seamlessly integrated with NEC’s CONNECT platform, either as a bundled solution or as a standalone offering. It provides access to integrated employee collaboration and advanced call handling within CONNECT. Users can leverage features such as agent desktop app, multiple audio connection options (desk phone, smartphone, headset), web admin portal, and an extensive knowledge base for easy access to technical information.
  2. Agent Functions:
    Univerge Blue offers a comprehensive set of features for agents, including real-time agent status monitoring, inter-agent direct chat, desktop notifications for incoming interactions, customizable in-call statuses, conference and transfer capabilities with context sharing, interaction classification and disposition, and more. It also supports outbound calls, agent-driven task creation, and real-time interaction statistical display.
  3. Supervisor and Admin Functions:
    Supervisors and administrators have access to various tools for effective management, including live monitoring of agent interactions with options for listen, whisper, and barge functionalities. They can set up authorized extensions or users for monitoring, manage voice prompts, group agents by office, and customize alerts. Univerge Blue also offers features for managing skillsets, scheduling telagents/virtual agents, and handling evaluations and workforce optimization.
  4. Customer Interactions – Voice:
    Univerge Blue provides comprehensive voice interaction capabilities, including automatic call distribution (ACD), position in queue messages, estimated wait time messages, dynamic caller treatment, emergency bulletins, multi-language support, outbound calling, customizable interactive voice response (IVR), queued callbacks, voicemails, call scripting for agents, and more. It supports skills-based routing, geo-routing, preferred agent routing, and dialed number routing.
  5. Customer Interactions – Chat, Email, SMS:
    Univerge Blue offers add-on capabilities for customer-agent chat interactions, including reactive and proactive chat modes, personalized chat interactions, customizable branding and styling, and mobile-responsive website chat experience. It also provides features for managing email interactions, SMS routing and mapping, and customer outreach through post-call surveys, blended outbound communications, and customizable contact lists.
  6. Recordings and Business Intelligence:
    Univerge Blue includes voice recording with storage options and features for screen recording, parameter-enabled interaction recording search and playback, chat interaction transcript recording, and recordings storage expansion. The platform offers real-time dashboards, shareable wallboards, executive dashboards, historical reports, and AI-powered interaction analytics for comprehensive business intelligence.
  7. Extensibility and Security:
    Univerge Blue supports pre-built integrations with popular CRM platforms such as Dynamics,, and Zendesk, as well as IVR studio tools, Slack integration, and more. It ensures security through features like spam filtering/protection service, roles-based access control, encryption of voice call recordings, and PCI-compliant data collection.

Univerge Blue, powered by SolveForce and NEC, provides the automation industry with a robust and feature-rich cloud computing solution. With Engage Advanced and Engage Complete feature packages, businesses can optimize their automation processes, streamline customer interactions, and gain valuable insights through business intelligence capabilities. Univerge Blue’s extensibility and security features further enhance its value, making it a comprehensive and reliable choice for businesses seeking cloud computing solutions in the automation industry.