Fiber Internet

Executive Summary

In an ever-evolving digital world, the need for robust, secure, and high-speed internet connectivity is paramount. Dark Fiber, the unused fiber-optic cable, has been recognized as a versatile solution, offering numerous benefits across industries and government sectors. SolveForce, a leading provider of business telecommunications solutions, offers Dark Fiber solutions with extensive coverage, tailored to meet specific demands.

This whitepaper presents a comprehensive overview of SolveForce’s Dark Fiber solutions across various industries and government sectors. Leveraging partnerships with multiple service providers, SolveForce ensures the availability of scalable, customizable, and secure Dark Fiber networks, offering unmatched performance and flexibility.

Introduction to Dark Fiber

Dark Fiber refers to the unused fiber-optic cables that are typically installed by network service providers. This infrastructure is “dark” because it is not yet activated with optical light pulses. Businesses and institutions that opt for Dark Fiber essentially lease these unused cables and create private networks. They gain a degree of control over their network, including data transmission speed, security, and scalability.

Dark Fiber in Industries

1. Healthcare

Healthcare institutions face unique networking challenges, with the need to transmit vast quantities of data quickly and securely. Patient information, medical imaging files, telemedicine services all require reliable networks. SolveForce’s Dark Fiber provides the needed bandwidth, security, and speed, helping healthcare organizations maintain HIPAA compliance and ensure seamless patient care.

2. Education

In the education sector, the need for high-speed, secure, and reliable internet connectivity is non-negotiable. SolveForce’s Dark Fiber solution meets these needs, supporting e-learning, online research, secure transfer of sensitive data, and improved campus connectivity.

3. Finance

Financial institutions require fast, secure networks to manage vast amounts of sensitive data. SolveForce’s Dark Fiber solution offers the desired bandwidth, low latency, and security, ensuring seamless operations, real-time trading, and secure data transfer.

4. Media & Entertainment

The media and entertainment industry require high-bandwidth networks to handle large file transfers, live streaming, and real-time editing. SolveForce’s Dark Fiber solution offers high-speed data transfer, low latency, and increased bandwidth to ensure seamless operations.

Dark Fiber in Government Sectors

SolveForce provides Dark Fiber solutions for various government sectors, offering secure, scalable, and reliable networking solutions.

1. Defense

In the defense sector, communication is a matter of national security. SolveForce’s Dark Fiber solutions provide a secure, private network that allows for encrypted, high-speed data transmission, ensuring confidentiality and security.

2. Public Safety

For public safety departments, reliable communication is critical. SolveForce’s Dark Fiber solutions provide high-speed data transfer, allowing for effective coordination and real-time updates.

3. E-Government Services

For e-government services, the need for secure, reliable, and fast internet connectivity is paramount. SolveForce’s Dark Fiber solutions provide the required infrastructure, supporting e-services and ensuring the secure transfer of citizen data.


SolveForce’s Dark Fiber solutions offer a versatile, scalable, and secure networking option for industries and government sectors alike. Leveraging relationships with a diverse portfolio of service providers, SolveForce ensures extensive coverage, providing each sector with a tailored, reliable, and high-speed networking solution.

In a world that continues to digitize rapidly, SolveForce’s Dark Fiber solutions are designed to adapt and grow alongside your needs, providing a network infrastructure that supports the pace of your progress.