So, you’ve done some research, and you’re intrigued by a dark fiber network, huh?

You’re not alone! Dark fiber networks are popular with businesses all over the country.

So, is it time to install one in your business?

These three reasons make it hard to argue otherwise:

  1. Complete control

If you don’t want to turn your technological needs over to a provider completely, you don’t have to. Dark fiber networks allow you to control the amount of fiber you light, the equipment you use, and how you maintain all of it. That way, you’ll be much more hands-on than in a “normal” network.

And, if you ever want to make any changes, it’s a lot easier to do on a dark fiber network. That’s because scalability is much more direct. Instead of jumping through hoops (like you’d have to do on a traditional network setup), you can buy more dark fiber! That makes these networks perfect for small businesses that plan on expanding or don’t know what their future technology needs will be.

Yet another way you can control your dark fiber network is through statistics. Because these networks are so hands-on, you’ll have access to statistics you’d never see if you had a “normal” network. As a result, you’ll see exactly which areas need to be streamlined so your technology can be as efficient as possible.

How’s that for control?!

  1. Custom options

When you talk to a provider about signing up for a “normal” network, you don’t get many options. If you want many custom details, you’re basically out of luck.

But when you get a dark fiber network, you can do anything with it! If you wish to change up the interface, connections, or equipment, you can.

  1. Total privacy

If you want to ensure that your data never falls into the wrong hands, you’ll love dark fiber networks’ security. Since they don’t tap into the public internet (unlike VPNs, which use at least a little bit of the public’s resources), dark fiber is entirely private. That way, you can send and receive even the most sensitive data.