Few developments have impacted everybody’s life as the Internet has. Most people nowadays cannot imagine life without the web, especially the young generations who have grown up in the midst of it all. The Internet is such a fantastic notion that it would be difficult to find a perfect definition. In essence, one can say that it is a network of networks connecting millions of computers worldwide.

The origins may be traced back to the 1960s when the need to establish a network of computers started to be felt. The American government was the leading exponent of the new technology, which resulted in the setting up of ARPANET – the precursor to the Internet as we know it.

It is, therefore, clear that the main reason it was invented was to have a system that would allow communication and transfer of information between one location and another. This facet is still relevant today, as seen in the importance of electronic mail or email.

Communication is thus rendered possible thanks to electronic mail, through which one may pass thoughts, ideas, and information. However, the email system lacked a level of interactivity and real-time response. This was soon put in place by chatting programs as well as social networking websites.

Most people have made their online presence felt through a social networking profile. This has allowed people to connect with friends and families and share activities, photos, videos, and more on the Internet.

Apart from strict communication, it also provides an unparalleled source of information to anyone who wants it. The education system was revamped because of the great accessibility which students have to lead nowadays. Learning has never been so simple since all one has to do browse the net and find reliable websites offering countless information on any subject.

Entertainment has also been given a new meaning thanks to it. Apart from the thousands of websites providing hours of entertainment to viewers, playing video games online with friends and anyone else has also become possible. This naturally adds a different level of challenge and excitement compared to games that one can only play alone.

Even shopping has been revolutionized as many more people use online instead of conventional shopping methods. Today we are not limited to buying from stores, barred by distances or other inconveniences. Instead, we can buy whatever we want online from websites specializing in this field. It is, therefore, possible to compare prices, get the detailed information regarding the product, ask company representatives through email, and so much more.

We are truly blessed to live in an age where everything is at our fingertips. The Internet provides us with an extraordinary opportunity to do thousands of things from the comfort of our own homes and with countless other benefits. All it takes is the click of a button.