SeaBreeze WiFi

Introducing Sea Breeze-V, the ultimate connectivity solution for both onshore and offshore needs. Whether you’re streaming video, listening to music, making Wi-Fi calls, browsing the web, checking email, or staying up-to-date with social media, Sea Breeze-V ensures that your digital life is uninterrupted, even in the most remote locations.

Superior Connectivity

Equipped with a powerful CAT7/Cat 13 Cellular LTE modem and high-power antenna arrays, Sea Breeze-V offers blistering-fast internet speeds of up to 300Mbit/Sec. You can now share this unrivaled connection with up to 16 devices – ensuring everyone onboard stays connected.

Revolutionary vSIM Technology

Sea Breeze-V, powered by vSIM, automatically connects to the strongest local carrier, whether you’re onshore or up to 20+ miles offshore. This guarantees a reliable and fast internet connection, anywhere, anytime.

Global LTE Connection

Experience on-demand global LTE connection in over 130 countries. With Sea Breeze-V, you can make Wi-Fi calls from your cell phone, even when you’re offshore. This seamless service works with regional and local LTE cellular services globally, ensuring that you are never out of touch.

Durable and Convenient Design

Designed to withstand the elements, Sea Breeze-V comes in a waterproof, durable, and lightweight all-in-one design that’s perfect for marine environments. Its compactness and durability make installation easy, even in the most challenging locations.

Easy Installation

The Sea Breeze-V offers a simple and easy PoE (Power over Ethernet) plug & play installation. You can power it with any 12vdc to 24vdc power source, ensuring that your internet connection stays strong, no matter where you are.

Sea Breeze-V: Your Onboard Internet Solution

Say goodbye to weak signals and slow internet speeds. With Sea Breeze-V, you can enjoy streaming-fast onboard connections without throttling, even from 20+ miles offshore. Experience the thrill of the open sea without compromising on your connectivity. Choose Sea Breeze-V, the ultimate marine-grade Wi-Fi solution.