The Goal

SolveForce is a private consultancy and auditing firm that develops processes and specializes in telecommunications services. Our solve force partner process enables us to connect our clients to the highest quality communications service providers for voice and data, T1, and T3 lines while securing the lowest possible rate structure. Our services include bill and contract audits, rate negotiations, and vendor selection. We serve as a resource to companies seeking an analytical and informed vendor audit and selection amid the complex telecommunications market where overcharging and overpaying are commonplace.

We execute a five-step assessment along with our recommendation process for each client. 

1. Assess client voice and data needs 
Our first step is understanding our client’s current and future telecom needs. This serves as the lens through which we assess existing provider relationships and informs any recommended changes. This initial meeting also allows us to gather invoices and contracts from current providers to initiate the audit. 
2. Audit current local, long-distance, and data invoices and contracts 
We can often exact substantial savings from existing providers through the audit process. This includes identifying and rectifying any current billing errors, eliminating unauthorized or extraneous fees, and identifying rate reduction opportunities with the clients’ current provider(s). We will manage all communication and negotiation with the provider. 
3. Identify alternative suppliers for the clients’ telecom services 

We maintain relationships with over 30 preferred telecom providers, which we screen considering quality, cost, service capability, and the provider’s financial stability. Our analysts match our client’s needs with the optimally preferred vendors to form our recommendation process. 
4. Provide a formal recommendation/implementation process 
After we present the recommendation document, we implement approved changes on behalf of our clients, both with existing vendors and any new vendors who may be added to the mix. 
5. Monthly analysis of client bills with consideration for changes in the voice and data market 
We continue to analyze our clients’ invoices and contracts after implementing the recommendation process to ensure that they capitalize on the fluctuating market’s opportunities.

The Benefits

We are capable of managing all the telecommunications challenges. Depending on the requirements, a consultant and representatives from the client will determine the service parameters and finalize a plan to accomplish desired results on an ongoing basis. Outsource all the telecommunications needs to us, or, like many of our satisfied clients, feel free to use us as your trusted advisors whenever the need for a process arises. 
Geographic coverage. What carrier(s) can service all of your locations? 

Price. Who are the lowest and highest-priced carriers? 

Product breadth. What carriers offer VoIP, fully managed solutions, integrated bundles, Point-to-Point, QOS, MPLS, frame, ATM, international, etc.? 

Installation Timeframes. Which carriers can meet your scheduling requirements? Which carriers can deliver what they promise? 

Financial Stability. Which carriers will be in business five years from now? What pages face potential financial obstacles and why? 

Customer Service. Which carriers can you expect to respond intelligently to your needs and/or issues? Who is the quickest? Most professional? 

Technical Service. Which carriers can you depend on to proactively figure out complex issues and provide timely solutions with the assistance of our support team? 

Specials and Promos. Which carriers offer special pricing, and which ones are exceptional? 

Call Center Solutions. Need sub-penny rates? Six decimal places rounding? Tiered and by Lata pricing? How about an international VoIP network to allow outsourcing to international locations? 

Conference Calling Solutions. How about free Conference Calling (with or without toll-free)? Or talk to us about how corporations increase productivity by combining online presentations with live interactivity. 

Continuity. Unlike working directly with a biased carrier sales team that is constantly re-assigned and terminated by the carrier, we are always available to help you get the necessary answers and support from the telecom carriers we recommend for your communication requirements.

General Services

The following information briefly describes the services available under the service level agreements or on a project basis. 

Voice and Data Audits

  • Perform a comprehensive analysis of identified service bills (Local, Long-Distance, Data, Internet, and Wireless).
  • Identify, tabulate, and report any specific billing errors or overcharges.
  • Eliminate unnecessary services and charges.
  • Proactively search for alternative carrier solutions and outline savings opportunities.
  • Implement rate reductions

Dispute Resolution
We are a qualified resource for effectively resolving disputes with telecommunications network service providers for the correction of errors and overcharges. 
Contract Negotiations
Recover credits and refunds for inaccurate network services billing, negotiate to ensure optimal discounts and price points under existing contracts, renegotiate service agreements, and negotiate new services. agreements
Moves, Adds & Changes (MAC)
The account representative provides a central point of contact to facilitate moves, additions, changes, and deletions of network services. 
Recovery Services
When telecommunications disputes between a company and a service provider cannot be resolved, we can step in to validate the disputes, negotiate the resolution and verify the corrections. 
Facility Relocations
We can assist by developing project plans; managing the entire relocation of telecommunications services ordering; verifying network services, and coordinating vendors (see “Vendor Relationships”). 
Vendor Proposal Validation
We are capable of assessing the market to assist in comparing telecom proposals. 
Market Comparisons
We have experts capable of making telecommunications market comparisons to find the best available conditions, pricing, platforms, and technology (i.e., ATM, MPLS, HTTP, Frame or, Blackberry, Good, Treo) to meet current and future needs. Conditions include monitoring the available communications carrier’s ongoing financial stability and long/short-term business viability. Market comparisons also consider carrier quality and service issues. Monitoring the financial stability of carriers is predicated on available public information for publicly listed companies or privately held carrier information provided to us and substantiated through accredited financials. 
Vendor Relationships
We will introduce and manage relationships between clients and our professional vendor contacts. Clients may be entitled to substantial discounts from the following Vendor types: Cabling contractors, Phone equipment providers (Avaya, Nortel, Telrad, Winn, Comdial, Cisco), Computer Integrators, and Hardware suppliers.
Telecom Inventory
We can assist by developing processes, and configurations, making recommendations and producing diagrams. 
Employee Benefits
We can provide an “Employee Communications Advantage” program to go hand and hand with other company human resource-provided benefits. “Communications Advantage Members” gain access to discounted residential long-distance plans, access to promotional deals on wireless services, and special rates for Travel Cards and Toll-Free numbers.

Conclusion: The Force to Solve! is the consortium for telecom and IT consultants, interconnects, and agent partners that provide carrier recommendations for all wire-line and wireless services, including Voice (local and long distance), VoIP, Data (MPLS, ATM, Frame, Point-to-Point), Conference Calling and numerous other communications services.

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