kHz stands for kilohertz, which is a unit of frequency equal to one thousand hertz. kHz is used in many different fields such as telecommunications, audio engineering, and radio broadcasting. It is also commonly used when referring to the frequency of sound waves or other types of waveforms.

In telecommunications, kHz is often used when discussing signal frequencies and bandwidths associated with communication networks such as cellular phones and Wi-Fi routers. In audio engineering, it can refer to the sampling rate or playback speed at which digital recordings are made or played back on devices like computers and mp3 players.

Radio broadcasters use it primarily for tuning into specific channels since each station has its own unique frequency measured in kHz that must be tuned into by listeners who want access to their broadcasts over airwaves rather than via streaming services online.

Overall, kHz plays an important role across multiple industries due to its ability to measure various types of signals accurately whether they’re related communications networks or broadcasted media content from radio stations around the world.

Without this unit of measurement, much of modern technology would not function properly making it invaluable resource engineers rely heavily upon every day improve our lives through advancements in science and technology.

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