The rise of Low Code/No Code (LC/NC) platforms has led to numerous success stories across various sectors, highlighting the efficiency, speed, and democratization of the app development process. Here are some case studies showcasing the impact of LC/NC:

1. Large Bank Streamlines Processes with OutSystems:

  • Background: A major bank with numerous legacy systems faced challenges in streamlining operations and ensuring a seamless customer experience.
  • Solution: The bank adopted OutSystems, a leading LC platform, to develop a unified application integrating various systems.
  • Outcome: With OutSystems, the bank developed the application in just a few months, achieving seamless integration, improved customer satisfaction, and cost savings from retiring multiple legacy systems.

2. University Enhances Student Experience with Mendix:

  • Background: A prestigious university wanted a portal where students could easily access various resources, from schedules to grade reports.
  • Solution: Using Mendix, the university developed a student portal with integrated functionalities.
  • Outcome: The portal was launched successfully, leading to enhanced student engagement, reduced administrative tasks, and a significant decrease in paper usage.

3. Manufacturing Company Optimizes Supply Chain with Appian:

  • Background: A global manufacturing company sought to optimize its supply chain processes to ensure timely deliveries and reduce costs.
  • Solution: Leveraging Appian’s LC platform, the company developed a supply chain management app integrating real-time tracking, analytics, and supplier collaboration tools.
  • Outcome: The new system resulted in a 30% reduction in delivery delays, improved supplier collaboration, and a noticeable decrease in operational costs.

4. Non-profit Boosts Fundraising with Salesforce Lightning:

  • Background: A non-profit organization wanted to boost its fundraising efforts and ensure better engagement with donors.
  • Solution: Using Salesforce Lightning, the organization developed an integrated fundraising and donor management solution.
  • Outcome: The organization witnessed a 40% increase in fundraising within a year and improved donor retention and engagement.

5. Retailer Creates E-commerce Platform with Bubble:

  • Background: A local retailer, without a digital presence, aimed to venture into e-commerce due to changing consumer behaviors.
  • Solution: With no IT team, the retailer used Bubble to create an e-commerce platform, integrating product listings, online payments, and customer reviews.
  • Outcome: The retailer successfully transitioned online, witnessing a 3-fold increase in sales and expanding its customer base beyond local boundaries.


These case studies highlight the transformative potential of Low Code/No Code platforms across industries and sectors. LC/NC platforms are not just tools for rapid application development; they enable organizations to adapt to changing business landscapes, innovate faster, and deliver enhanced value to stakeholders. Whether it’s streamlining complex processes, venturing into new business areas, or enhancing customer engagement, LC/NC platforms are proving to be game-changers in the digital age.