State Abbreviation: CA

State Name: California

Country Abbreviation: US

Area Code/NPA: 707

NXX/Prefix: 379(7000-7999) 379(9000-9999)

CLLI: 57568GD968G

Telco Exchange: VALLEY FORD

Vertical: 8385

Horizontal: 8819

LATA: 722

LATA Name: San Frncsco

Latitude Degrees: 38.3167

Longitude Degrees: 122.9207

Telco Name: ONVOY

Telco Number: 668G

Telco Type: CLEC

Telco Parent Number:

Telco Parent Name:

Doing Business As/DBA:

Telco Wireless: No

Street Name: MILL ST W OF MAIN


County Name: SONOMA

Time Zone: -8

Time Zone Name: Pacific

Feature Codes: MX

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